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What we do

We offer consulting services in the fields of Process Optimization, Digitalization, ERP Implementation, Lean Management and Change Management, to various businesses within the industrial, real estate and construction industry. Guiding our clients throughout their journey and applying our knowledge and expertise is part of our general approach, to bring them closer to their business goals.

Furthermore, we provide the possibility and the flexibility of working in close collaboration with our clients and within their premises to ensure a simplified implementation process.

Moreover, our profound understanding of Luxembourg’s overall economic climate, as well as having a sympathetic ear for our clients, allows us to customize our strategy and solution to each clients’ needs.

We are persuaded that only those with an open minded approach to their customers' needs and requests can achieve sustainable success. Less

Process Optimization

Process optimization contributes to the success of every business.

Diginius Consulting helps you to accurately analyze, plan and implement a process framework in accordance to your corporate values and needs.


Keeping up with today’s technological developments is both a challenge and a must of every business today.

Diginius Consulting supports you on your way to the digital age with a proven step by step approach providing customized solutions for your business.

ERP Implementation

Implementing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is one of our core functions.

Our partnership agreement with RIB allows us to provide you with the most highly efficient software solutions available for construction companies, industrial companies, developers and project owners, as well as for real estate management companies.

Lean Management

With a solid expertise in Lean Management, applying proven methodologies like 5S, Kaizen, Last Planner System (LPS) and Takt-Time, Diginius Consulting sustains you in achieving your business performance goals.

Change Management

Performing changes, in order to improve business processes or to take advantage of an opportunity, will affect employees daily business and their habits.

Diginius Consulting accompanies you throughout these period of transition by e.g. setting up adapted training programs, animating working groups, permitting you to achieve your defined goals with success.


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About Diginius Consulting

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Diginius Consulting was founded in June 2020 by Jérôme Laux and Charles Theis. With its team of consultants, the Luxembourg based company offers a hand full of services.

The multilingual team (e.g. French, German, English, Luxembourgish and some more) permits to lift most language barriers, and to be ease of communication with all involved stakeholders!

Diginius Consulting’s purpose is to encourage and foster digitalization, through its various methods and strategies, within businesses in this rapid changing environment. Overall, the key is to provide solutions to businesses permitting them to move forward and remain competitive on the market.

Meet the Team

“Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people”

– Steve Jobs –
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Jérôme Laux

Cofounder and consultant

Diginius Consulting

Graduated from a French business school with a degree in finance and business management

Has Fourteen years of professional experience in ERP implementation (Avaloq, Accountix, iTWO) and in the field of Change Management within various sectors such as banking, distribution, construction

Worked as a project leader at CDCL where he was in charge of the implementation of ERP (iTWO)

Held several managing positions during all his professional experiences, mainly as the middle office team manager of the credit department (Banque de Luxembourg), as an accounting and finance manager (Kichechef Group), as well as IT manager (CDCL)

Is fluent in English, French, German and Luxembourgish

Charles Theis

Cofounder and consultant

Diginius Consulting

Graduated from ETH Zurich with a master’s degree in mechanical engineering

Worked as a senior consultant at EY, where he was in charge of implementing different ERP systems (ex SAP IBP), process optimization, change management and the internal audit for various multinational, local and industrial companies

Contributed to the implementation of ERP (iTWO) at CDCL and managed the change process

Was the head of IT, Digitalization, QSE and Operational Excellence at CDCL, where he developed and implemented Lean methodologies for the entire company

Held various management positions (up to 15 people) over the past few years

Is fluent in English, French, German and Luxembourgish


Our mission is to accompany our clients in the accomplishment with success of their strategic projects, permitting them to move forward and remain competitive on the market.

This is why we are always looking for new talents with an open mind, good communication and organisational skills.

We are looking for:


Digitalization & Process Optimization

We are looking for a Consultant who supports our clients in their projects of Digitalization and Process Optimization.

You can find all the details (missions, profile required and our offer) about this job offer via the Linkedin link below.

If this job offer wakens your interest and you want to join Diginius Consulting's dynamic team, then send us your application via Linkedin or to info@dconsulting.lu



You want to be part of Diginius Consulting's dynamic team?

Feel free to apply spontaneously by sending us your application via Linkedin or to info@dconsulting.lu

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